Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Plant Deionizing Equipment

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For modern industrial water systems, there are multiple water usage segments and demands. Industrial and mining enterprises not only require large amounts of water, but also have certain requirements for water sources, water pressure, water quality, water temperature, and other aspects.

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The structure of general deionization equipment

The pretreatment unit usually includes a sedimentation filter and a granular activated carbon filter to remove impurities such as particles, soil, sediment, algae, bacteria and organic pollutants from the water.

The ion exchange unit is the core part of the deionization equipment, including a cation exchange resin column and an anion exchange resin column. This part removes ions from the water through the principle of ion exchange to produce pure water.

Reprocessing units typically include activated carbon filters and UV sterilizers. Activated carbon filters are used to further remove organic impurities and adjust the taste of the water, while UV sterilizers are used to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Ion exchange columns are used to remove cations and anions, while mixed beds are used to further purify the water. The entire equipment structure needs to be designed and customized according to the specific application and requirements.

In addition, general deionization equipIment also includes water tanks, water pumps, piping systems, control systems and other components to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the purity of the water.

Maintenance and upkeep of deionized water equipment

Maintenance and upkeep of deionized water equipment is essential, as it directly affects the stable operation and water quality of the equipment, as well as its lifespan. It is necessary to maintain and operate deionized water equipment according to the user manual. With the improvement of industrial product quality, the quality of water used in the production process also has relevant technical requirements. Therefore, deionized water equipment has become widely used in recent years in the water treatment industry and plays an important role.

The following mainly introduces the daily maintenance and cleaning of deionized equipment, which needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced and recorded for future inspection and maintenance.

1. Quartz sand filters and activated carbon filters should be regularly backwashed and flushed, mainly to clean up intercepted suspended solids. They can be automatic cleaned using a pressurized water pump for sand filters and carbon filters. The backwashing time is generally set for 10 minutes, and the flushing time is also 10 minutes.

2. According to the water quality and operating conditions of the equipment, users can set the operating cycle and time of the automatic softener according to their needs (the operating cycle is set according to the water usage and incoming water hardness).

3. It is recommended to thoroughly clean and replace quartz sand or activated carbon in sand filters or carbon filters every year, and replace them every two years.

4. The precision filter should be drained weekly, and the PP filter should be put into the precision filter and cleaned every month. The shell can be unscrewed, the filter taken out, washed with water, and reinstalled. It is recommended to replace it every 3-6 months.

5. If the water production gradually decreases by 15% due to temperature and pressure factors or the water quality gradually deteriorates beyond the standard, the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be chemically cleaned. If the water production and quality cannot be improved through chemical cleaning, it needs to be replaced promptly.

Note: For EDI deionization technology, it is essential to test that the activated carbon output water does not contain residual chlorine. Once the activated carbon fails, the EDI has no protection and will be damaged. EDI maintenance and replacement costs are high, so users should be vigilant.

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