Domestic Rainwater Filtration Treatment Equipment

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Equipment name: domestic rainwater filtration treatment equipment

Specification model: HDNYS-15000L

Equipment brand: Wenzhou Haideneng-WZHDN

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According to the actual situation of rainwater collection and water quality requirements, in line with the purpose of economy, convenience and practicality, the following water filtration system technology is used to prepare domestic water, so as to ensure the daily water needs of the unit personnel, truly low-cost and high-efficiency. To solve the safety problem of drinking water for unit personnel and ensure the health of employees, the process flow and equipment configuration (15T/h rainwater system) involved in this plan are designed to meet the actual needs of your unit’s daily water use.

1. Multi-media filter:

It is mainly used to remove impurities such as rust, sediment, algae, and suspended solids in water, reduce water turbidity, and make effluent turbidity less than 0.5NTU, CODMN less than 1.5mg/L, iron content less than 0.05mg/L, SDI≤5 . Backwashing and forward washing can be carried out at any time through the control valve to wash away the dirt on its surface, prevent it from clogging, and restore its filtering ability.

2. Activated carbon filter:

Activated carbon has extremely strong adsorption and filtration performance, and has a strong adsorption effect on residual chlorine, different colors, odors, and organic substances in water. Since the reverse osmosis membrane is very sensitive to residual chlorine and organic matter, it is necessary to configure activated carbon to absorb residual chlorine and organic matter so that the residual chlorine in the effluent is ≤0.1mg/L and SDI≤4. First, it can meet the water supply requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane. Second, it can greatly improve the original taste of the source water. Backwashing can be carried out at any time through the multi-way control valve or pneumatic butterfly valve to wash away the colloid and other pollutants on the surface, prevent the surface of the activated carbon from being surrounded by impurities and fail to absorb, prevent it from clogging, and restore its processing capacity.

3. Precision security filter:

After pretreatment, the PP filter element (with skeleton and good strength) is adopted to filter the water from the outside to the inside, which can prolong the time for the filter element to be blocked. The upper part has an exhaust valve, and the lower part has a drain valve, which can discharge the trapped impurities at any time. The filtration accuracy is less than 1UM, far exceeding the standard of tap water.

4. Fully automatic backwash control device:

The multi-functional multi-way valve control head is used to implement fully automatic backwashing, positive flushing, and operation without manual operation. It is safe and reliable.

5. Ultraviolet sterilization:

Philips UV ultraviolet sterilization is used to make the water safer and more hygienic.

Features of this machine

Automatic and manual operation/washing
Clean water high water level automatic shutdown, low water level automatic startup
Loss of voltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, leakage protection
The equipment is made of stainless steel, fully automatic operation, no need for manual operation.
Enterprises in all walks of life occupy a relatively large area, use rainwater collection, filtration, treatment and reuse, cost saving and energy saving and emission reduction meet environmental protection requirements!

After Service

1. The system equipment enjoys a one-year free warranty, and the warranty date is calculated from the date of product acceptance, and consumable filter materials are not included in this list.
2. If any equipment quality problem occurs during the warranty period (except for misuse or unforeseen factors), the supplier will repair it free of charge and be responsible for replacing the damaged parts.
3. After the expiration of the warranty period, only a certain material fee and appropriate technical service fee will be charged.
4. If the system fails and cannot be solved by itself or by phone, our technical maintenance personnel will make a solution (including temporary measures) and a schedule within 24 hours after receiving the written notification of the failure from the buyer. Reports will be made to the leaders of both parties.
5. After the equipment is delivered, our company will have engineers to pay a return visit to understand the operation of the equipment and provide technical services in time. We welcome user inquiries on any technical issues, and we will respond promptly.

① The user should provide the detailed information of the raw water test, so that our company can make relevant selection and arrangement calculations based on this.
②The user should explain the water quality requirements, usage and water production volume of the produced water.
③ Our company has various types of pressure vessels, membranes, accessories, etc. If the user specifies otherwise, we will try our best to meet the requirements.
④ Our company provides installation and commissioning for the equipment designed and sold and training for the user’s operators.
⑤ Our company implements the principle of one-year equipment warranty and life-long service for users, and establishes files for tracking services to ensure the quality level.

If the above equipment fails to meet your requirements, please contact us, we will formulate a detailed engineering plan according to your actual situation, realize a low-cost, high-efficiency, and scientific process combination, and make the water production meet your ideal requirements.

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